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Website Monitoring

Let your website generate leads for you
Customers today want the power of getting informed, choosing and deciding  which products to buy. Your website plays a critical role in that selection process. It is imperative to track the visitors on your website, contact them and engage them before somebody else. It is also critical to refine and run campaigns which are effective in getting more visitors to your website.
Zigihub’s advanced website monitoring solves this problem by instantly identifying the known users and engaging them through automatic campaign. A comprehensive platform empowers you to increase your campaign effectiveness to grow website traffic and convert more leads.

Get More Website Leads

Instantly get website leads as a user fills any form for query, product demo, free trial, quote etc.

Run auto responder emails to engage the customer instantly.

Manage all website leads at one place

Website visitor activity history

Track ‘Anonymous’ users and history of website visit

Track ‘Known’ users and engage them instantly

Know the details of the visitors like their location, # visits, campaign.


Traffic analytics

Calculate Anonymous to known conversion ratio

“Click Analytics” – After how many visits an ‘Anonymous’ visitor converts into a ‘Known’ visitor

Campaign Effectiveness

Most effective campaign to get higher website traffic

Best campaign to generate high website leads