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Social Media Integration

Engage customers across social channels

The world is connected digitally like never before. Customers can make or break a brand in social media and aggregator sites. No demographic analysis of customers or leads can be complete without social media analysis today. It is also very important to connect with customers and prospects in as many social media sites and mobile apps as possible. With highly integrated and easy 1-click social media management software, it’s easy to connect and analyse the digital world.


Engage Your Customer In Digital World

Understand social 360° behaviour of your customer

Match active social media users in your customer database using fuzzy logic algorithms

Map your customer’s internal and social behaviours, preferences and actions into segments for targeted marketing


Get Social 360° View of  Your Customer

Capture all interactions with your customers and prospects across digital channels like Facebook, twitter, etc.

Understand preferences and feedback of your customers on social media

Measure and improve various social metrics for revenue growth


Identify Existing Customers From Social Media Users

Identification of the customer based on parameters like email-id, phone number, customer id, etc.

Advanced matching with fuzzy logic algorithms based on customer profile, transactions, etc.

Create a Unified Customer Profile (UCP) of your customer

To personalize the customer experience, create a unified customer profile of your customer by collecting, storing & sorting the raw data of the customer making it actionable with integrated social marketing analytic software. Understand the customer behaviour and preferences based on their activities across various digital channels.


Integrated Marketing With Unified Customer Profile (UCP)

Design unified campaigns across social and other digital channels

Increase revenue by cross-sell and upsell by understanding social preferences of customers

Prevent churn by acting on negative sentiment on social media

Turn customers into brand ambassadors to increase revenue through referrals, positive sentiments and recommendations