Predictive CRM

Predictive Analytics

Leverage data science in digital marketing

Data science driven marketing automation

Make Data Science an integral part of your marketing workflow

Leverage statistical modelling for micro segmentation of your customers based on their buying patterns, social behaviour, demographics, etc.

Predict customer action for product purchase, churn and refer

Use lead scoring statistical models to identify most likely to convert leads


Customer Profiling

Identify customer clusters that exhibit similar profile for personalized campaigns

Identify customer segment based on purchasing patterns using RFM segmentation

Identify your most valuable customers by predicting Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV)


Predict What To Sell And When

Engage your customers with personalized recommendations to sell more

Recommend right products based on profile and purchase history of your customers

Tell your customers what other products people like you have bought


Let Data Science tell you the customers likely to leave

Use statistical modelling to identify customers likely to churn

Identify the factors leading to churn

Run targeted campaigns to reduce churn