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Lead Management Software

Capture, score, track your leads

Capture your leads, Nurture & Score through our intelligent, data science-driven lead management software. Turn your prospects into leads through ZIGI’s easy 1-click lead management software!


No More Losing A Lead, Capture Them All

Capture all your digital leads automatically through our intelligent lead capturing system

Capture on-premise leads with a few clicks on any device

Bulk-Import leads from any system in any format of your choice

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Score Leads for High Conversion Rate

Score and target leads through our machine learning driven lead scoring system based on their potential to convert

Automatic lead movement in the funnel based on the scores

Prioritize your sales efforts for “Act Now” leads based on prospect action

Lead Rating

A user can rate a lead from 1star to 5 stars to prioritize the efforts. He can modify the ratings easily from his mobile or laptop based on the traction on the lead.

Statistical Lead Scoring

Successful closure of lead depends on a host of parameters and it is not possible for a person to track all of them. Predictive modeling has the capability to leverage as many parameters as required to score a lead. The models identify the parameters based on their strength and build a lead score taking into account the most important parameters.

A salesperson can compare his own rating with the statistical scoring to arrive at the most important lead. It also helps him to avoid any high potential lead that may have got missed in the rating process.

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Develop Relations With Leads, Nurturing Is The Key

Every Lead is unique, do not leave them to chance

Engage and qualify every lead based on their potential to convert

Automate nurturing process with the highly integrated lead nurturing software

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Track Every Lead In The Funnel

With integrated lead tracking solution, tracking sales leads is made easy

Capture all interactions with your Leads in every channel

Schedule interactions, emails, campaigns

Get alerts where things need your attention

Be notified on progress, productivity, issues of salespeople

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On-The-Go: Your Lead Moves With You

Mobile-enabled interface to view Leads

Customizable dashboards as per your role and convention

Update Lead interaction on location

Act promptly before your competition catches up with your sales Lead

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