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Contact Management Tool

Manage all your contacts efficiently to increase efficiency

Manage all your contacts and interactions with them at one place

Single dashboard provides 360 deg. view of your contact

Create and view all the associated deals, appointments, tasks, notes

Use advanced filter tab to easily sort through the entire lists of contacts

Take your contacts in your mobile app

Sync your contact from your desktop to your mobile phone easily

Call, send email to your contact from zigihub mobile app

time line

Timeline view

Complete chronological display of interactions, events and activities related to contact or an account.

Track all the changes done in profile of a contact and know the history

Track how the relationship of a contact has progressed over a period of time.

import export

Import and Export Contacts easily

Contact Manager empowers you to import contacts directly from a an XL file

Export your contact at the click of a button and do your own analysis