Improve your campaign effectiveness

A multi-channel campaign strategy targeting micro-segments of leads and customers can give much needed revenue lift, opportunities for cross-sell and upsell to existing customers and better conversion rate for leads and prospects. A comprehensive strategy encompassing content, recipient, timing and delivery can determine a success story of a campaign run. To effectively implement the strategy, our highly integrated and easy to click, marketing campaign management software is quintessential.


Campaigns Are Effective When They Are Targeted To Micro-Segments

Broad based campaigns yield little result as it does not cater to a recipient requirement due to:

Mismatch in micro pattern in demography, Wrong timing or pitching unwarranted products and services or not aligned to customer’s purchase pattern, geo wise, season wise, event wise or any other.

A data driven insight derived through campaign management tool can help to address the above issues in an objective manner.

Design, Run and Manage Multi-Channel Campaigns Effortlessly

With ZIGIHUB’s marketing automation software, you can design and run campaigns in many forms:

Email campaigns, Event driven marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, SMS marketing campaigns. Send email marketing campaigns along with sharing campaigns on social media sites like twitter, Facebook with ZIGI’s easy 1-click implementation feature. Automate your marketing efforts to send campaigns and follow-ups and reach right audience at the right time through the right platform.


Campaign Design Reflects The Characteristics Of The Target Micro-Segment

Using ZIGIHub’s marketing automation software, you can design campaigns using widget based interface. In-built campaign templates are designed tailored to your marketing objectives.

Create automated campaigns with clear and focused message and layout directly targeted to the micro-segments. Personalize your subject lines and content for different targeted recipients. Design multi-channel campaigns like Email marketing campaigns, Social campaign (Facebook, Twitter), Event driven marketing and SMS Marketing.

Before a campaign is finalized to be sent to a large set of recipients, it is useful to measure in advance the effectiveness with A/B testing. Generally a winning campaign has: Higher conversion rate, higher number of read emails and higher call to action rate

Zigihub’s campaign management system includes

  • A/B testing facility with control and variants
  • Measure and compare individual performances


Email Marketing

A good campaign management system should have following features for email campaigns:

Styling should be consistent with the brand image, Messaging should be directly addressing the need of the micro-segments or individual, Personal touches should be there in the subject line, ‘from’ and ‘to’ address lines, Layout should be designed to bring attention to the core message without any distraction. Building an email campaign should be: Widget based, Repeatable and Intuitive

Using email campaign management software, Design and run new campaigns within few hours from successful campaigns whenever needed, the widget based design allows selective component reuse. Copy the already ran campaigns and save as a new campaign in entirety. Import and Reuse campaigns built in other tools.


SMS Marketing

With ZIGIHub marketing automation software, design and run SMS marketing campaigns targeted to specific micro-segments with very little effort. Use SMS messaging solution to contact clients for reminders and important notifications etc. without disturbing them with a phone call and have a high response rate.

Personalize your SMS campaigns based on the geo location, preference & behaviour of the micro-segments and add links to the respective landing page. Schedule bulk SMS campaigns to send to the targeted audience directly from your phone with ZIGIhub’s 1-click implementation feature. Smart keyword based text messaging can enhance the success rate.

Track the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns based on metrics like delivery status and clicks on the inserted links.


Social Campaigns

Design and run social campaigns through social media management software on Facebook, Twitter. Build, engage and monitor multiple social accounts and channels by ZIGIHUB social CRM. Share most viral topics from your industry on your own Social accounts and increase the engagement. Schedule and manage your social media campaigns to suit your targeted audience. Automate the social media management process and save time and effort on designing and execution of the social campaigns.Get the campaign performance report in role based dashboard and insights with easy 1-click.


Event Driven Marketing (EDM)

A typical response rate for campaigns is 2-5%, which is very low compared to the resources spent on this. Event Driven Marketing can help increase customer communication and response by targeting campaigns based on the events related to the customer. E.g. a retail company offering a discount promotion to a couple before their wedding anniversary will have a better response than a generic email.

ZigiHub’s EDM product lets define and manage those events to send automatic campaigns. We have defined a library of common events which can be customized. Currently the library of events is categorized into 4 groups:

  • Personal Events : Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Spouse’s Birthday, Kid’s Birthday
  • Email Marketing : Email Opened, Read, Deleted, Unsubscribed
  • Web Interactions : Form Submit, Website visit, Content Download, Registration, Feedback
  • Transactions : Payment made, Payment due, Payment overdue, Transaction made

New events can be defined and customized as per the user requirements.


Measure Campaign Effectiveness

You can store all campaign history in data repository to analyse effectiveness of the campaign over time.

Define campaign measurement criteria like:

  • Conversion rate
  • Click through rate
  • ROI

Rate for: Page view, delivered, clicked, deleted, bounced, opened, deleted without opening, etc.

Spot the winning campaign based on the performance metrics and rate your campaigns for future reference