Lead Management Software

Capture, score, track your leads

Lead Capture

In this modern digital era, the importance of auto-capture of leads from digital channels have gone up manifold. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know your sales leads better to cater to their needs before anyone else does. Attract your leads, Nurture & Score through our intelligent, data science-driven lead management software and lead them to sales!


Automatic Leads Capturing Through Integrated System

Capture all your leads across various channels automatically in our lead management software: Digital or otherwise. Capture leads from social media through call-to-actions, twitter cards, contests, and sweepstakes or capture leads walk-in or on-site with few clicks on any device. Design lead capture form with a personal touch as per your business needs. Enter lead information from desktop, notebook, tab, mobile and add more lead information progressively in lead engagement cycle. Refrain from asking lead to fill same information again and again and fill missing details in incremental way as leads progress through various stages


Import leads to lead management software for actionable insights from In-house or third party source systems in market prevalent formats like MS Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON. Map source lead data to Lead Management module in few simple steps and save mappings for future use: map only once, use many times Decide about how to deal with duplicate lead information while importing like merging, Get details about discarded lead entries, loading statistics, data formatting issues and tackle them in workflow.

Lead Scoring

In absence of a lead scoring software, you need to sieve through your entire leads base manually to know who is having more perceived value. A lead scoring solution can automate the response saving efforts and time.


Score Leads At Every Level Of Engagement

Apply pre-defined criteria for rule-based business driven scoring, augment the scoring with predictive data-driven insights, then combine score with pre-defined weights to come up with a composite score and prioritize interactions based on the lead score.

Operationalize lead scoring system in the hand of sales force and telemarketers Filter leads for action based on score, run predefined campaigns based on lead score and stage in the funnel, for allocating good leads to expert sales person and telecallers and highlighting good leads in dashboard for tracking till conversion.

Lead Nurture

Nurture your leads in the sales pipeline by building relationships with them and qualify them with lead nurturing software.


Build Relation With Your Leads, Nurture By Giving Individual Attention

Document all key points of your interaction with a sales lead. Retrieve insights when needed to give personalized attention to a lead. Meet your lead’s requirements faster than your competition and tailor your lead management solution to suit what a lead wants.

Qualify leads, prioritize interaction, convert fast Decide your lead qualification criteria to filter out the lead with high potential for conversion. Put your limited field force and telecallers wisely to focused set of leads and prioritize your lead interactions for high-value leads.

Lead Funnel

Funnel helps you identify your good leads. Capture status of leads as they flow through the funnel. The bottom-of-funnel leads have higher chance of conversion to customers

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Lead Funnel Reveals More About Your Marketing Strategy And Sales Efficiency

Define distinct stages for lead and opportunity, Build funnel for lead and opportunity to measure efficiency at each stage intersection from inquiry till closed/won then build workflow-based pre-defined activities for each stage in the funnel and run workflow based personalized campaigns specific to a stage in the funnel.

Visually inspect the funnel, find the leaks and seal them with web content. Define criteria for marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL) to determine good leads, track every opportunity with a lead in each stage with our efficient lead tracking solution. Build dashboard to get funnel statistics for leads and opportunities

Mobile CRM

It is important to take your lead insights with you when you perform an interaction with an existing lead either by calling them or meeting them in person.


Add Depth To Your Conversation, Make Quick Decisions

Have all details about your leads at your fingertip to know their needs, wants preferences, etc. Engage leads in meaningful conversation by pulling out necessary information and metrics at the touch of a button. Minimize the number of calls, meetings by furnishing all details during discussion through 1-click implementation sales lead software and get rid of ‘I will get back to you’ type of conversations.


Add Activity And Update Status While You Perform Them

View and add a lead activity from your mobile device in few steps with advanced lead tracking solution. Filter activities as on priority, status, created date, last action date, due date and much more. Customize your own list of attributes for viewing. Add, update and delete activities from any device. Get the seamless features on any device in a most intuitive way.

Take your personal assistant with you, enhance productivity.

With our intelligent lead management solution, Never miss an appointment or an action with a lead, Schedule activities and tasks with a lead on your device, Always be reminded when a task with a lead needs to be performed. You can update status of your conversation from your device and also notify your manager from application, if any action needs to highlighted or brought to his attention immediately.