Give your Field-Force a Digital Boost!

zigihub comprehensive field-force productivity app that works in a complete offline mode.

Companies that use a scientific approach to sales force effectiveness have found that reps in the lower quartiles show dramatic improvement, with productivity jumps of 200%.

zigihub is a FIELD FORCE PRODUCTIVITY PLATFORM helps you focus on selling & increasing revenue by enabling your Sales Force with a Personalized & Intelligent Assistant to increase their EFFECIENCY & EFFECTIVENESS.

Track FOS Productivity

Organize Visits, Routes & Follow-ups. Online Alerts & Recommendations.

Geo-Location Tracking, Real-time Field Monitor, Daily Sales Report.

Perform A/B Testing to measure campaign effectiveness before sending
Geo-tagged and time stamped records to analyze FOS activities and impact.

Sales person can identify nearby high rated leads as he moves in the fields
Sales person Checks-in as he enters for a meeting

CRM On-the-Go

Capture, Manage & Track your leads.

Manage your lead, deals and Pipeline on-the-go.

Assist your Sales team with an Intelligent personal assistant to increase their Sales productivity.

Sales Rep can manage his leads and deals on-the-go
Plan and track your daily sales activities with ease

AI Recommendations

Use Artificial Intelligence to supplement your current sales strategies.

Meeting Recommendation on-the-go.

Missed High Potential Lead Recommendations.

zigihub gives real-time meeting recommendations of high potential leads in the field
zigihub ensures you do not miss any high value leads/deals

Caller ID Functionality

Now never miss a Customer Call!!

Get real-time caller ID notification for all incoming calls for your leads and customers

Caller ID for your leads and contacts in real-time

zigihub detects Lead/Customer calls through dialer integration
Sales person can see his call logs with the lead/contact details

Knowledge Repository

Manage all your company Sales documents centrally.

Take photo, upload and manage all customers documents and sales material on your mobile!

Sales Rep can access company’s sales material from his mobile
Sales Rep can take pictures and upload customer documents

Sales Quota Management

What gets measured, gets done!!

Set targets and compare them against achievements to measure efficiency and productivity.

Flexible target setting and monitoring. Set your own Sales & Productivity targets