Digital Marketing Levers for HR and Recruitment Firms

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In this digital age, the role of HR and recruitment firms is undergoing a metamorphosis from a generic service provider to one that calls for a strong engagement with candidates and clients.

Social and digital are changing the way recruiting is done and posing challenges for HR and recruitment firms.

  1. With social media like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. both candidates and organizations are much more connected and can reach out to each other directly.
  2. Online feedback by previous managers and peers provide necessary qualifying criteria reducing the need for manual feedback from the recruiting firm.
  3. Loyalty of both organization and candidate to a recruiting firm is declining as both have more choices now.

While there are challenges, digital is also opening up new opportunities for HR and recruitment firms who are nimble enough to adopt the change.

  1. Digital is bringing a level playing field for smaller firms as compared to the larger ones, and increasing their ability to service large number of customers.
  2. Low cost of communication is making it easier to connect regularly with candidates and clients.
  3. Data analytics is acting as the driving force for capturing intelligent insights from candidates in order to make prudent decisions.

HR and recruitment firms need to adopt a comprehensive digital strategy to meet the challenges and take advantages of the new opportunities. The whitepaper presents a comprehensive framework to build a strategy and implement key steps.

For further details please download the white paper.