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Deal Management

Close more deals more by automating deal processes

Manage all your deals at a single place

Track all your deals as they travel through your pipeline and stay updated on how close you are from winning a deal.

Keep follow-up of every move your team takes to win a deal.

Record and manage all communication done in the process including notes, emails, reminders and other valuable interactions.

Deal rating lets you focus on high priority deals.

Get timely notifications of the activities related to a deal


Get 360° view of your deals

A single dashboard provides you the contacts, tasks, activates related to a deal

You can manage and perform all task and activities related to a deal at a single place

Ongoing tasks and events assigned towards your deals are displayed on your dashboard so you’ll come to know what needs to be done next.


Timeline View

View all historical changes to a deal like stage, value, close date etc. to get a view of how the deal is progressing

Get complete chronological display of all activities related to a deal enabling you to focus on fast moving deals

See all the marketing asset utilized like whitepaper sent, demo done, free trial, proposal etc. to track what is going on in a deal.

Track all interactions related to a deal like, email send, meetings done