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Customer Lifecycle Marketing Software

Increase your B2B customer lifetime revenue

Segment, Target and Position Your Customer

Identify micro segments of customers based on profile and behaviour

Engage your best customers using customer lifecycle management tool through their lifecycle

Maximize revenue from most profitable customers

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Data Science Driven Micro Segmentation

Identify behavioural segments of customers

Identify customers with similar purchasing patterns

Find customers with highest lifetime value with our advanced customer management system

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Sell More to Existing Customers

Identify the right products and services for each segment

Create more cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Tell your customer “what other similar customers are buying”

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Act Proactively To Prevent Churn

Use statistical modelling to identify customers likely to churn

Identify the factors leading to churn

Run targeted campaigns to reduce churn using customer marketing solutions

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Deepen Customer Engagement

Communicate with customer at right time through right medium

Run specialized, targeted campaigns based on behaviour

Enhance customer loyalty through targeted campaigns

Enhanced customer experience through timely interaction

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Track Every Customer Throughout Their Lifecycle

Capture all interactions with your customers in every channel

Schedule interactions, emails, campaigns using easy 1-click implementation customer lifecycle management software

Get alerts where things need your attention

Customize dashboards to manage by exception

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