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Increase your B2B customer lifetime revenue

In a digital world, the marketing strategy of an organization needs to be based on the perceived value of the customer lifecycle. The lifecycle marketer tool/customer marketing solution needs to be aligned with the organization’s business processes in building a loyal customer base, inducing repeat purchases, preventing lapse and churn, enabled with data driven insight


Customer micro segmentation to help rendering personalized products and services

Micro segmentation helps value based marketing strategy. Precise small groups of customers are targeted with campaign and relationship building efforts. With zigihub’s CLM solution, you can track customer’s move from once micro segment to the other to strategize marketing actions that would create most desirable outcomes. Customer lifecycle stages can be modelled to data driven insights to prevent churn through customer management software


Build predictive data science algorithms to identify micro-segments

Identifying micro segments are advanced, sophisticated techniques which use data science algorithms liberally on the backend. Comprehensive data collection methods are needed to unravel micro demographic patterns. With customer lifecycle management software, you can combine Geo, behavioural, lifestyle related information with demographic details to create micro segments. Tailor products, services, campaigns and interactions for each micro segment


Product positioning becomes effective with target segments being known

With our customer marketing solution, build product positioning strategy in each channel based on micro segments, Use Geo spatial features on mobile phones and social media login for dynamic product offering to micro segments based on their proximity to selling and service location, Micro targets results in more relevant up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Build recommendation engine for targeting micro segments from:

  • Customer’s own behaviour and purchasing patterns
  • What other similar customers in segments are buying


Embed churn prevention measures in your business processes

The cost of retaining customers is far less as compared to the acquisition of new ones. Traditional churn analytics predicts who is going to churn, Get Deep churn analytics through customer lifecycle management software to reveal why customers are churning. Plug leaks around causes that lead to churn and embed churn analytics with business processes for auto arresting churn with preventive action.

Apply effective Dual scoring strategy to arrive at a combined scores for customers likely to churn based on:

  • Using Customer Management Software, Prepare Predictive data driven insights based on statistical modelling
  • Rule, event, weightage driven score based on business insights

Prioritize your likely to churn customers based on their lifetime value.Make use of your telemarketer and customer support personnel’s time wisely by giving them a shortlist of probable to-churn customers. Let your high value customers likely to churn be handled by experts


Engage customers effectively throughout their lifetime on each lifecycle stage

Be equipped with insights about customers on their demography, preference, behaviour and location before engaging them. Determine which channel to engage a customer on for the most desirable outcome, then runs personal campaigns using highly integrated customer marketing solution at: Special dates and events in a customer’s life, Micro segments to which a customer belongs, Interactions and requests. Capture customer experience inputs and measure using customer management software at all interaction and usage touchpoints. Customer feedback needs to be captured in text form as much as possible to capture information and not to constraint customer’s thought process. Use advanced text processing, analytics to decipher experience feedback in various categories of inputs.Ensure prompt action with targeted campaigns and interactions to enhance customer loyalty by: Tailored response to specific needs and prompt redressal of issues


Customer interactions to be captured in the system to make them analysis-ready

Interactions can be performed through many media forms like phone calls, emails, social media interactions, in-person meetings, webinar, etc., all forms of interactions could be captured through customer lifecycle management system: Directly in raw form captured from the medium or Synopsis entries in the system after the interaction in each medium. Customer marketing solutions should provide easy scheduling of activities and tasks in calendars in a user friendly manner. Facility for updating summary of interactions should be provided in the application without adding much overhead for the sales and customer support executives. Predictive models can be augmented with advanced text analytics to give insights on churn, cross-sell, up-sell opportunities, lapsation and many more