CRM Software For Startups and Small Businesses

zigihub Startup Accelerator Program

We understand the pangs of growing revenue with very limited marketing budgets of startups or small businesses.

You want to leverage sales and marketing technologies but do not want to spend, till you see it working!

zigihub accelerator program is meant for startups and small businesses to leverage the platform with little or no cost and grow revenue ! This is offered to select customers who QUALIFY!

Key features of the program are as below :

  • zigihub CRM and Marketing Automation platform FREE for 5 users and 10,000 contacts for 1 year.
  • 10,000 campaign emails free every month!
  • Many more features of our unique sales and marketing platform.

There is no catch! No Credit Card required.

We are taking a bet on you being successful and grow to use the higher plans !

Check out if you QUALIFY!