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Campaign Management

Improve your campaign effectiveness

Marketing workflow

Create targeted campaigns for various customer micro-segments based on demographics, behaviour, purchasing patterns, etc.

Design and run campaigns in various forms like email marketing, SMS, Social campaigns, EDM etc.

Perform A/B Testing to measure campaign effectiveness before sending

Schedule your campaigns based on events and business workflow

Measure and monitor campaign effectiveness with our easy click campaign management software


Design, Run & Manage Campaigns

Design your campaigns using the widget based interface

Modify successful campaigns to design new ones, Import and customize your campaigns built on other platforms

Perform A/B testing to select campaigns with maximum potential with all ease using campaign management tool.
Run multi-channel campaigns like email marketing, SMS, Social and EDM

Define parameters to evaluate campaign effectiveness

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Event Driven Marketing

Target campaigns based on events specific to customer

Send campaigns related to personal events, transactional behaviour etc.

Increase customer communication and response rate

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Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Track a campaign for actions like delivered, opened, read, deleted, failed

Define and measure your campaign ROI in campaign management CRM

Know the winner and rate your campaigns for future reference

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