Best CRM Software for Automobile Industry

CRM for Automobile Industries, zigihub is a no-hassle, easy-to-use, cost-effective, integrated CRM and Marketing automation platform.


Choosing the best CRM for Automobile industries

  • A powerful CRM platform made Automobile industries
  • Zero implementation time. Pre-loaded with industry best practices master data. Get started immediately!!
  • Ease of use and Cost-effective CRM
  • As the business grows you can leverage the integrated Marketing Automation Platform without any integration hassles
  • zigihub takes end-to-end responsibility of consulting, implementation and support to make you successful. No third party dependence!!
  • Functionality A CRM should provides right functions to solve the business problems. A Automobile industry will require a CRM which capture your leads tracks your leads and manage pipeline, automate your work, which will leverage you to focus on more important work.

Key Factors of zigihub CRM used in Automobile industries

  • Contact Management – Our dashboard provides 360 deg. view of your contact which is designed focusing on automobile industries.
  • Lead Management – Capture all your digital leads automatically through our intelligent lead capturing system. Capture all interactions with your Leads in every channel
  • Pipeline Management – Deals at a single place most deals fail to fructify because sales people don’t follow up regularly. Communication is vital to develop and maintain fruitful customer relations.
  • Account Management – Manage all your accounts, contacts
  • Single Customer View– Have all information related to a particular contact or account in a single dashboard
  • Sales Forecasting – Make use of statistical sales forecasting to help your sales team take suitable corrective measures.
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Connect with your customers instantly

  • Send targeted emails – Integrate with your Outlook
  • Send bulk email campaigns and track responses
  • Monitor your website traffic and leads
  • Connect with customers across digital channels
sales report

Custom Reporting

  • Create your own custom reports by segmenting your data
  • Know what is the best Time & Day to run the email campaign
  • Know on which day the maximum responses generated
  • Get more insights and generate more powerful graphical reports.
  • Export the reports data in an XL, image for ppt.
Looking for a free CRM for Automobile Industry? Get Free