1-Click Implementation

Existing CRM either are too generic and require extensive customization or are too basic and do not fulfill the business needs. In either case, implementing such traditional CRMs involves high levels of customization which a time consuming and costly process. It also delays the go-live and increase the uncertainties around success of such systems.

ZigiCRM has been built by incorporating the best of global business processes that can easily meet the requirements of most corporations. We have pre-built key components that can be easily implemented. Our implementation time can be as low as 1 day for simple requirements and a few weeks for complex ones. You do not needs to spend many quarters in a CRM implementations.

Some of the pre-build components are as below:

  1. All the master data related to lead type, source, stage etc. has already been incorporated
  1. For each function like sales, marketing, sales force management, campaign management etc. , key reports and dashboards are pre-built to reflect the industry best practices
  1. The customizable components are in easy GUI based format that can be easily customized.