Enhance your sales force productivity

Sales automation helps you manage your sales force, boost their sales productivity and measure their effectiveness leaving you maximum time to focus upon just selling and increasing your revenue.


Increase Revenue By Improving Your Sales Force Productivity

Allocate right leads to sales personnel based on defined business rules

Empower sales person to leverage mobile app to improve his productivity by geo tracking, lead management, dashboards etc.

Define goals and measure sales force productivity on parameters like pipeline, revenue, orders, no. of calls, meetings, etc.

Leverage data science to identify parameters that make a sales person successful (Sales success modelling), Sales forecasting, Geo-analytics, Lead scoring, etc.

Get sales insights instantly in roll-based dashboards

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Sales On The Go

Boost sales team functioning and effectiveness by aiding them with zigihub mobile app for geo-location tracking of leads and customers.

Empower sales teams to do all sales activities like lead allocation, pipeline management, email, calendar, dashboards, on their mobile as they travel

Help your sales rep optimize his travel route by giving real-time location of leads thus saving a lot of time for covering more leads

Get dashboard on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis through mobile sales force automation tool

Be notified on progress, productivity, issues of sales people

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Let data science drive your sales success

Plan, create and allocate your quota to your sales force automatically and track the quota attainment.

Sales success modelling identifies the parameters of sales force success and focuses your efforts to improve those parameters.

Define and measure these success parameters effortlessly.

Track the quota attainment progress on the go with up-to-date online reports and dashboards.

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Sales Forecasting

Let your teams forecast sales and take appropriate corrective measure

Scenario driven sales forecasting provides an easy-to-use scenario building forecast for the time period chosen

Statistical forecasting is driven by in-built statistical algorithms that analyse various parameters which is otherwise not possible to do manually

Fine tune your forecast by comparing manual and statistical methods to get the best results

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